Amazing Deep sea creatures Part 1

Whether it is a huge body or tiny limbs, whether it is a camouflage color that is natural to the environment or a bright color that we humans have not yet understood why all represent the wisdom of biological evolution.

Endangered species Sea dragons Like kangaroos and koalas, Australian sea dragons are rare animals in Australia

Pigmy Seahorse

This little thing that looks very cute in the photo belongs to a seahorse, commonly known as the bean-doodle seahorse.

Sea Spider

The sea spider is called the worm. It has long thin legs and a short torso, and it looks like a spider, so it gets this name.

Blue Ring Octopus

Octopuses are generally non-toxic, but the “blue-ringed” octopus tattooed on their bodies is extremely poisonous.

The Overbearing Octopus

Although “overbearing” octopus, if you really meet them, don’t panic too much, they always take the initiative to retreat.

Fur Seal

Fur seals generally live in cold waters and are unique that cannot be seen in tropical waters. Both male fur seals and sea lions have beautiful manes on their necks, and they belong to the sea lion family.

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