Pneumonia - Symptoms and Precautions

Pneumonia Prevention and Awareness: Understanding the Global Impact


One of the most prevalent diseases in the world, pneumonia is an infectious condition that is defined by an inflammatory process of the lung tissue. Exudate is a fluid that develops in the respiratory alveoli as a result of the illness. This prevents the alveoli from filling with air.

Every year, on November 12, people all across the world acknowledge Pneumonia Day. It was established in order to educate people throughout the world about the effects of the disease and ways to prevent it. According to research done by WHO specialists, pneumonia is one of the top ten illnesses that most frequently result in fatalities, particularly in children under the age of five. What is pneumonia, what causes it, and why does it contribute to the majority of child deaths globally?

History Behind 12th November as World Pneumonia day.

The idea for World Pneumonia Day was proposed by the Global Coalition against Childhood Pneumonia. Numerous initiatives for child safety, pneumonia prevention, and treatment have been introduced annually since the WHO and UNICEF released the Global Plan of Action for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia in 2009.

The outfit of the day is blue jeans. The color scheme represents a clear blue sky, where happy children may play.

Infections Caused by Pneumonia

Pneumonia may develop from almost any infection. Pneumococcal bacteria are mainly responsible for the disease. But there are more types of bacterial pneumonia pathogens. Pneumonia can be caused by fungi and viruses.

However, experts talk about “hospital” pneumonia, which is a nosocomial bacteria. But, the issue is that nosocomial bacteria quickly acquire immunity to several drugs. Such type of pneumonia is more difficult to treat.

Pneumonia is extremely harmful to young children.

Worldwide, pneumonia continues to be the number one cause of mortality for children under five. Approximately 1.1 million youngsters lose their life to it each year. This death rate is more than Malaria, Measles & AIDS, all together. It is difficult to determine whether the disease is present in infants less than one-year-old since the initial symptoms sometimes go unreported until the disease violently progresses. Only 30% of extremely sick children receive appropriate treatment.

Pneumonia Health Issues in Patients?

Now we all know how dangerous pneumonia is. In addition to having a highly dangerous end, pneumonia can also cause significant post-recovery problems such as pulmonary edema, acute respiratory failure, endocarditis, pleurisy, sepsis, blockage, pericarditis, pleural empyema, and meningitis. practically all pneumonia patients have scars on their lungs as a result of their illness.

Main signs of the disease

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Coughing
  • Body Temperature Rises up to 39oC
  • Chest pain
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Poor Sleep
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Lack of Appetite

Who is susceptible to pneumonia?

  • People with heart, gastrointestinal, chronic lung, and kidney problems.
  • People with immunodeficiency issues.
  • Chain Smokers.
  • Young Children’s.
  • People who work in hospitals or daily deal with such kinds of patients.
  • Travelers who stay at any Hotel eat & drink.

Precautions to Prevent the Disease

To prevent pneumonia you should be vaccinated against common infections like Pneumococcus and Hemophilus influenza to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Children as young as six months old, mothers, senior individuals, as well as those with chronic respiratory disorders and diabetes mellitus who are susceptible are all eligible for this vaccination.

Follow the Below Tips for Prevention

  • Avoiding contact with those who are showing symptoms of the flu or SARS.
  • Regular Eat Healthy & Nutritious foods
  • By boosting your immune system by doing regular exercise and taking appropriate rest.
  • By reducing indoor and outdoor air pollution.
  • No Smoking or Drinking.
  • By Taking Flu immunization once a year.
  • Getting proper treatment for chronic infections



When World Pneumonia Day is Celebrated

World Pneumonia Day is Celebrated on November 12

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